About us

The owner of sapphire collection online store, would like to start from 40 year’s back from now when my father took up this career in gemstones, whois now one of the oldest precious gemstone manufactures of the city, Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. Since then gemstone manufacturing has become our family business and I have grown watching my father dealing and handling variety of gemstones. The charismatic and enchanting appeal of each stone is unique in itself which always gathered my attention and inspired me to follow the foot prints of my father. Soon after my graduation, I started going to the office and supplemented to our work and brought the concept of gemstone carving. It is the most appreciated and acknowledged work done by us in almost all kinds of gemstones. But with the world moving at rocket pace, after few years, I realized that we should move out of our cocoon and get to the world, and yes, that was the day when I thought of starting my E- Business with the name SAPPHIRE COLLECTION.
Sapphire Collection was started in year 2014, an online store under the supervision of Saksham Gems, a gemstone manufacturing and export company, where not only precious but stones with economical range are also sold. We specialize in stone carvings for jewelry, sculpture and article for decoration or any other use. Nature is my source of inspiration and therefore my carvings mainly depict animals and floral art.